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Why Regular Septic Tank Cleaning Is Critical

All the wastewater that exits your home ends up in the septic tank, where it is naturally separated into three layers — scum, which comprises oils, fats, grease and other elements that stay afloat; sludge, which is the heavy, solid waste that sinks to the bottom; and effluent, which is the scum- and sludge-free water that flows out of the tank into the drain field. Because scum and sludge do not exit the septic tank themselves, they should be pumped out at regular intervals so as to restore the capacity of the tank.

Septic tank cleaning typically includes pumping out solid waste (scum and sludge) from the tank and treatment of effluent to kill potentially harmful bacteria. Here are a number of reasons why you should schedule regular tank cleanings.

Health benefits

As already mentioned, the wastewater in your septic tank usually contains harmful bacteria that can contaminate your surface water or ground water when it leaves your tank as effluent. Regular septic tank cleaning will ensure that effluent is treated before it is discharged into the drain field, thereby minimising the potential for bacteria-bearing effluent to cause health problems to your family and the community that you live in.

Extended tank life

Regular cleanings provide a perfect opportunity for the service technicians to inspect your tank and check for any visible signs of structural deterioration, including root intrusions and damage caused by settling of the tank. Any serious issue will be attended to before it can exacerbate and lead to costly repairs. This way, you will be able to get the most service life from your septic tank, but also make financial savings over the entire lifespan of the tank.

Improved plumbing system efficiency

Routine cleanings will not only extend the lifespan of your tank but also increase the overall ability of the entire septic tank treatment system to function properly. Pumping out solid waste from the septic tank will create more room to accommodate incoming wastewater. With regular cleanings, more treated effluent will be able to drain and dry out in the soil absorption area, thus increasing the performance of the entire system.

Now that you're informed about the benefits that you can realise by ensuring your septic tank is regularly cleaned, you should arrange for regular tank cleanings. A septic tank service technician from a business like Able Liquid Waste Pty Ltd can help you keep your tank clean and in tiptop working shape.