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The Various Categories of Waste You Can Dispose of Through Skip Bins

Skip bins are among the most preferred waste collection and disposal units because of their versatility in the types of wastes they handle. When you hire a skip bin, you can be assured that a greater percentage of your waste will be accommodated, save for a few categories such as asbestos, car tyres, liquids and putrescible waste. That said, it is important to know the categories of waste that you can freely dump in a skip bin and what you cannot. Some companies that offer skip bin services may even penalise you for throwing in waste that falls outside the permissible types. To prevent inconveniences and unnecessary penalties, the following are the types of garbage that disposal companies won't have a problem handling.

General Household Waste This category of waste includes household items such as furniture, toys, appliances, metallic and plastic items, among others. An exception to the household waste is putrescible waste. This is basically waste comprising disposable nappies, food and other similar garbage that should be put in the council bins instead.

Yard Cleanup Garbage Skip bins also accommodate items such as rocks, tiles, outdoor furniture, pavers and bricks that are usually found lying around the yard. What is not allowed in this category are waste soil and dirt, which have their own bin specially dedicated for that. Rubber-backed synthetic grass may be collected, but some companies charge an extra fee.

Renovation or Demolition Waste Waste resulting from demolition and building renovations can be safely disposed by way of skip bins. The typical wastes here include metal, bricks, timber, carpet, tiles and concrete. Due to the sensitive nature of building material disposal, skip bin hire companies require that only waste that is devoid of asbestos is permitted.

Excavation Waste The main waste in this category is what is referred to as virgin excavated natural material (VENM). Dirt and soil from excavation must be put in a separate bin to avoid contaminating the skip bin. Some bin hire companies will charge you an extra amount if they find out their bins are contaminated with soil and dirt mixed with other types of waste.

The waste resulting from commercial clean out, including cardboard, paper, partition walling and electronics can be disposed by way of a skip bin. The waste is then properly sorted and either recycled or dumped in a safe place. It is therefore imperative that in addition to hiring the right size of skip bin, you also know what waste you can put in there and what you cannot.